The reason why Modern Housing Is On The Rise

Several modern homes and condos are going up left and right in Austin, with nearby design and build companies at the rear of the new residences. It is hard to determine exactly why modern design is becoming so popular, but several factors possibly play a role.

One of the reasons Austin draws so many people to town is because at its coronary heart, it is “different”. It is very different from huge cities like Dallas or Houston, and also different from a standard cookie cutter machine town found all over the state. Brand new modern homes are also different from conventional homes in both their exterior suppress appeal, with large walls of glass, concrete and wood, along with their modern and minimalist decorations. Those moving to Austin searching for a change could find themselves hunting for a house that reflects their personality. It is . the same reason that most of the new modern housing is located in and around central Austin, where the vibe of the city is felt the most.

Although many builders are currently trying to take on green standards in their building procedures, the local companies building these contemporary homes thrive on doing so, which appeases the home buyer who is furthermore environmentally conscious. Modern homes usually use renewable resources such as bamboo bedding or cork flooring, and double paned windows, rain cisterns and tankless water heaters to conserve resources, plus low VOC paint, which is much less toxic than traditional oil plus latex based paints. Even the majority of modern homes are xeriscaped, making use of landscaping plants that are friendly towards the often harsh Texas environment, and cutting down on excessive watering.

Many new Austin transplants have come from large cities on the east or west coast, or possibly artsy cities like Portland or Seattle, and have a wide plus eclectic taste.
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Others went to the university, and moved away, but are coming back to settle in central Austin. Those looking for a modern house are more into architecture and would prefer a home that makes more of an creative statement than a traditional home. Furthermore the growing popularity of magazines like Dwell, and house plus home decor websites and blogs like Apartment Therapy, cultivate interest in exclusive modern homes and modern Austin tx condos.

In general, large home builders are sticking to traditional housing, since the demand for such homes hasn’t gone away, and much of the population would consider modern homes unpleasant, uninviting, or resembling a dentist’s office. Also building tract homes is easy and fast, since there are restricted floor plans, and building websites are already plotted out.

Luckily, Austin tx has several small and medium sized firms who are willing to create more unique homes, and is another probable reason many modern dwellings are on the rise. Also, since many of the firms design and build their houses, the home buyer can have input on its design from the beginning, and feel assured that there won’t be something lost in translation when their house is under construction. These companies also take the land and the environment into account, and “bring the outside in” with touches such as exterior packet walls forming interior walls, and well placed windows to capture web site specific views. For those Austinites that will can’t seem to find that perfect contemporary dwelling, a word into a nearby design/build firm can get the ball rolling.

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