Car Servicing Advice for Motorists

Vehicles, just like any other piece of machinery, require maintenance on a regular basis. If neglected an automobile will become inefficient and eventually will stop working – there’s no two ways about it. This is why car servicing is so important : if carried out regularly it will ensure that your vehicle performs at its the best level for much longer.

DIY Car Maintenance

You shouldn’t solely rely on garage and mechanics to look after your car although. There are a few basic checks that every operater should do, no matter how much their mechanical knowledge is or isn’t inadequate.

You can really save yourself money and increase your safety by checking your engine oil, coolant levels, tyre pressure and tyre tread depth.

Although it might not seem like much, by causing sure that these four things are usually as they should be, you will save yourself a wide range of trouble. After all, if any of these elements are too low, the knock on effect to the rest of the car can be very dangerous.

Even if they do not cause a car accident, they will definitely have an effect on your bank balance. Whether it is through repair costs (that could have been easily avoided) or through an increase in the amount of money you spend associated with petrol – due to the rolling opposition of your vehicle being much higher than it needs to be – you disregard these checks at your own peril.

Car Service Types

Even the most protection conscious driver should book their particular car in for a vehicle service at least once a year.

As a general rule, most establishments that offer to service your car have 3 types to choose from. These are (in order of the number of checks carried out):

Oil Service
Interim Service
Complete Service
Depending on your vehicle and how a lot you use it, it is worth checking what is involved in each kind of services. Especially if you are concerned about money, mainly because although it can never hurt to have everything checked in detail, there is often a serious big price difference between the services types.
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The most basic service is the oil service. The general checks that you can expect with an oil service are to your lights, exhaust and tyres. When you would imagine from the name, your own old oil will be replaced with new and your old oil filter exchanged for a new one too.

If you drive a lot throughout the year, you might consider booking your vehicle in for a good Interim Service every six months (or in between your annual Full Service).

One step up from an Oil Service, the average Interim will include someplace in the region of 25-35 safety checks on the car – components such as brake fluid, handbrake travel, steering and suspension is going to be examined.

The most comprehensive service a dealer offers is usually the Full Assistance. Recommended by garages as an yearly checkup, the Full Service will go through almost everything in a car, checking the levels and testing the condition.

With well over 50 checks, a Full Service will certainly ensure that your car performs to ideal levels for the year following your own service.

Not only do these service choices act as fantastic preventative measures that will help to keep your car safe, but when you possess booked your car in for a service the mechanics that carry out the work may spot things which could affect your own MOT.

If small issues are found, these can be fixed before these people turn into big problems that cost you much more money.

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