Spouse Cheating Online – A Few Items to Look Out For To Know For Sure If Your Husband or wife Is Cheating

How to Catch Your Partner Cheating Online

Nowadays people eat, think, breathe and have affairs online. Knowing this, there must be a way to catch a partner who leaves clues behind online.

First thing to know

If you suspect your partner is cheating, she probably is.


Before you even bother checking his browsing history or saved chat sessions, go within and examine those nagging feelings of unease you’ve been experiencing in your romantic life with your partner. Something just isn’t right, and your gut is sending out flares that you’ve been ignoring.

Your intuition is smart; smarter than your rational thinking mind. Listen to it, or at least give it a fair hearing, before dismissing your concerns as paranoia or insecurity.


Whether or not you consider ‘cyber sex’ cheating or if you suspect our spouse is actually engaging in a physical affair as well, your first cues are likely to be the same types of behavior that would incriminate in any extramarital affair.

• Evasiveness when asked questions about his activities

• Lies about what they’re doing

• Hiding or closing the screen they’re on when you walk in

• Increased time on the computer when you’re not there

• Suspicious credit card charges

• Suddenly finding things to be suspicious of in YOUR behavior (guilt/transference)

• New passwords/email accounts that you don’t share

• Increase or decrease in sex

• Emotional distance

As you can see, the same rules apply as in ‘real life’ cheating, the difference being that the internet makes everything so much easier. Also it makes it more anonymous, on the one hand, and more enticing as a fantasy on the other.

The internet can foster a false sense of closeness and intimacy.
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Sometimes the ease of sharing very detailed and personal private thoughts, feelings and events over the internet with even total strangers is frightening.

Not only is your heart at stake, depending on how irresponsible of gullible your mate is, your bank accounts and other private information may be at risk, too. So take action as soon as you even suspect internet infidelity.

Ways to catch him

1. Come right out and ask him. Sometimes the best way is the most direct way. If you’re able to open a calm dialog you might even be able to learn some things about what might be missing or broken in your relationship that you can both then work to fix – or you might learn you don’t even want to try and save it.

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