Astral Projection For Beginners – Audio Technology to Ease the Process

Astral projection is an experience where the consciousness of the individual separates itself from the physical body. In this altered state of consciousness, it is possible to interact with the environment in very different ways than what we are used to. Astral projection or out of body experiences may appear esoteric and weird but they are in fact quite normal occurrences (albeit rather startling at first). In a similar fashion to dreams, many people simply don’t remember them when they happen.

Think of astral travel as a very lucid dream where you may do whatever pleases you. You may find yourself in your usual physical environment, except you are not in your physical body. Many people have reported seeing their physical bodies sleeping below them when they were in this state. Alternatively, you may find yourself in a different location than where your physical body lies.

In this kind of state, consciousness is able to travel quite fast as it is not bound to physical laws. Because of this and because the sensation of being free of the physical body’s range is initially strange, it may be difficult to move around with precision. It is easy to quickly come out of the astral state simply from the surprise of finding oneself out of body. It is therefore necessary to get used to these sensations to consciously remain out of body and explore the astral dimension.

Using Audio Technology To Achieve Astral Projection

Astral projection is not so easy to achieve for most beginners. While it would be interesting to discuss what can happen during an out of body experience, let’s just focus here on how it can be achieved with more ease.

There is an audio technology called brainwave entrainment which may dramatically facilitate the separation of the etheric and physical bodies (this is always temporary and the consciousness always comes back to the physical body by itself – there is no need to worry about this).

It has been scientifically demonstrated that various brainwaves correspond to different states of awareness. When we are busy during normal waking activities, our brainwaves are in the beta frequency range (12-38 Hz). Here is more information about High End Audio Jakarta look into our own site.
If we are relaxing or in a creative state, these frequencies have slowed down to what is called alpha frequencies (8-12 Hz). When we are meditating, dreaming or undergoing an out of body experience, brainwaves are usually in the theta range (4-8 Hz).

Brainwave entrainment is a type of sound recording that – in the case of an astral projection recording – synchronizes the brain to produce theta frequencies. This means the brain effortlessly bring about an altered state of consciousness while you listen to the audio waves. There is more than one type of brainwave entrainment technology (namely, binaural beats and isochronic tones) but their aim is the same: to have the brain produce the same type of activity it would be having during astral projection. It is a safe and easygoing way to slow down the brain’s activity and bring about an optimal state of mind to leave the physical body. If you go with the flow of sensations while listening to brainwave entrainment, astral projection pretty much happens by itself.

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