University Of Delhi

Delhi University in India is noted for its giving quality education. It is administered by prominent figures in the country. Many students have been dying to enter in a university as prestigious as Delhi University.

The University is known for its high standards in teaching and research. It is a state university that was established in the year 1922. It is now designated as one of India’s Federal Universities and it has also developed into a teaching and affiliating body.

It has an environment suited for a quality education. Students have a wide variety choice of different courses. The University has one of the largest numbers of Centers of Advanced Studies that was being recognized by the UGC. These centers includes: the fields of Botany, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Sociology, and Zoology. The faculty has also excellent academic and research contributions. The NGC also viewed that its Department in of Anthropology, Buddhist Studies, Philosophy, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, English, Financial Studies, Geography, Geology, Genetics, History, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Music, Plant Molecular Biology, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Statistics are outstanding academic accomplishments.

It is a campus of open learning. The university set up a life long learning that would have a major responsibility of training teachers, developing courses and curricula and the development of e-learning materials and delivery systems. In the last few years the number of students that are enrolled in the University was getting higher and higher. Nonetheless, this does not stop the university from improving initiatives to increase their seats to more than 55 percent. The University of Delhi has three school terms.

The University is very much concern about their students’ welfare. It has facilities that would make their students much comfortable during their stay in the University. The buildings in the university are built in timely fashion with unique artistry. DU has a Culture Council that hosts workshops and cultural festivals. It also finances other cultural programs in different colleges. It is very supportive in improving cultural activities in the University.
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Students that belong to different culture wouldn’t feel being left out.

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