Ensuring Your Business Is Secure With Close Protection Officers

There have been many reported security related incidents recently that have highlighted the need for environmental and physical security within a business. Particularly if your business involves travelling to hostile environments, natural disaster hot-spots, or if your business involves highly classified information/data or handling large amounts of money, breech of security are very real threats today that should not be overlooked. These can vary from deliberate interception or retrieval of information, entering unstable environments of political or social unrest to unpredictable acts of nature such as floods or earthquakes.

Whatever the nature of your business, your number one priority must be your employee’s safety. Although it is often possible to calculate the risk before entering a new environment, it is not always possible to avoid it completely. In these situations the best way to minimise the risks to physical security is to enrol staff on training and education beforehand so they know how to deal with the potential threats they may encounter and decrease their vulnerability.
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Unfortunately physical security is not always planned or budgeted for appropriately and sometimes can be overlooked entirely. However, nowadays it is more important than ever, especially if your business involves any of the above risks. Education on security breeches, how to react in a manner of environments and how to respond to medical emergencies are widely available. There are many security training companies, lead by trained professionals including those with Special Forces backgrounds and years of operational experience, who can teach your staff exactly how to behave in a crisis.

If you decide to enrol your staff on security training it is important to ensure the company provider employs trainers that have plenty of operational experience and that training is not just limited to the class room as there is no better way to test your learning than the practical experience. https://www.youtube.com/c/UKCloseProtectionServicesLondon

The other option is to hire a trained security professional often known as a Close Protection Officer. These officers will know how to perform threat and risk assessments before and when entering your working environment and/or venue, will have expertise in surveillance and counter surveillance and have advanced skills in driving single and multi car convoys. On top of all this, a Close Protection Officer will be extensively trained in a wide range of self defence techniques and conflict management and more. These trained professionals are essential if your staff are at risk of kidnap for a ransom situation or if they are likely to be in possession of valuable goods or information.

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