How Well Are You Doing With Your Online Shopping? Have You Had Any Bad Experiences?

We are approaching once again with ever growing era of cyber world and the year 2007 is certainly another year facing well developed and sophisticated online business into ever popular and favored by millions globally and Australia is no exception. In fact, Australia is one of the fastest growing internet use nations in the world and with online shopping.

Going by the well known statistics, the top reason online consumers to shop on the web is to avoid crowds, lower prices, ease of comparing products and prices with wider selection of products and to avoid the inconvenience of traveling stores. As such, we have become accustomed to purchase online over the years with benefits of able to find better product information with wider choices, competitive prices and easy gift delivery to allow us have more time to spend on other activities we desire. There is also proven reports that suggest consumers have become more familiar and trusting with their online buying options and are still growing and continued comfort with buying online, reliance on shipping and arrival of those products on time. Although, we cannot discount for those of you who’s had really bad experiences with certain merchants and online shops because there are still bad worms out there trying to sabotage the consumers good trusts and trying to deceive us with frauds.

We all want the basics, trouble free easy transactions with safety and comfort when we do the shopping and to put our minds at ease especially with online shopping. Although, we have sound knowledge of online shopping, there are still encumbering facts that drive us away from online shopping apart from frauds. Some factors like, added costs for shipping and handling, lengthy processing and delivery times, sites that request too much information and the risk of entering a credit card details etc.. Out of all these factors, the most annoying factor to abandon the purchase by the consumer survey was in fact, the high shipping and handling costs and lengthy delivery times. I am pretty sure that many of us have experienced this and agree to it and know how frustrating this can be. All of the above factors continue to be the biggest hinder in the side of consumers doing online shopping but these encumbering factors should be eliminated as we are approaching to the new era.

To keep online shopping safe with peace of mind and comfort with added security, one should always have at least the following basic knowledge of handy tips.
Always check to see if contact details are clearly displayed including a physical address of the merchant or trader which can be verified by checking in the phone book or by contacting the trader directly. If you’re ready to see more info about online camping stores take a look at the website.

It is best to shop with reputable traders. You should check their delivery and returns policy, their terms and conditions, refund policy, as well as security and privacy statements.

Check their promptness and if they are easily approachable. You can do this by calling them on the phone or send them an inquiry email.

Always check if you are dealing with an overseas trader because they may have different system of delivery and handling, refund policy, and other hidden ( E.g. customs duties/taxes )charges, unless this is your intention and confident with.

When purchasing or giving information online always check if there is secure browsers “http” in the web page address or URL of the purchase page and when you are entering your payment details, ensure that there is a padlock or unbroken key at the bottom of the screen, which confirms you are entering your details, such as your credit card number in a secure environment.

Having said all this, the benchmark for the online shopping safely with comfort is to physically try out and see for your self. When you have found the ideal merchandises from a particular trader, why not try to buy first from just a small value and see their promptness and service. If satisfied, gradually build a good rapport with the trader. This way you don’t loose much but you will always be at ease with peace of mind that you are dealing with a trustworthy trader and as for the traders, they know they are dealing with genuine buyer as well as gaining the mutual trust. After all, they are all humans too!

In conclusion, consumers should be free from annoyance, frustration and deceits when doing online shopping especially when we are in the ever growing cyber world. After all, online shopping is ultimately designed for the consumers to have the comfort, ease of comparing products, highly competitive prices and with the most important factor of having peach of mind. All merchants and traders should always have this on their mind and be dedicated to serve this purpose.

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