How Can A Good Domain Name Market Your Brand?

Do you know when starting a new website, one of the most important decisions you’ve got to make is choosing the right domain name to market or promote your brand online, as it will impact your business’s success in virtually every possible way. Having a powerful domain is so important for better business growth, long term establishment, sales and credibility. Getting the right domain has to become the first priority for any business that has to achieve overall recognition. From search engine optimization and social media marketing your domain name is one great marketing tool that can help your brand do a lot more on the web. You would not want to confuse your online visitors because your domain id seems to be completely different from your site’s name, especially when you are setting up an e-commerce website as at times business owners are quite neglectful when considering the domain name for an online store. Please note that the consequences of selecting an inappropriate domain name can be just as disturbing as having no contact us page on your website.

When choosing a domain name, there are certain factors that must be considered in order to ensure an effective domain name that supports your brand and online marketing strategy. Search engines and directories are the most powerful on-line marketing communication mode, so before you register the domain consider how your domain name choice affects site placement. The majority of directories simply list the links to home pages in an alphabetical order. You can also consider selecting a domain name with a letter of the alphabet that’s near to the beginning like “a”, “b” or “c” for instance “” will come way before “ “. Nevertheless, check the directories before you choose a domain name. You may find the directories already cluttered with such domain names that are starting with the letter “a”. You must also know that search engines do scan websites and sort the results based on key words. When beginning a new business, one may even want to go for a good domain first. As the likelihood to first choose a business name and then expect the domain to be available.

Choosing keyword domains

Keyword domains have been the first choice for SEO’s and search engine marketers who’ve been purchasing such domains for the reason of better CTR’s which can help to achieve improved rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Whether you’re a marketer who wants to build a brand or an individual who wants to run a blog / forum or e-commerce website the very presence of a keyword phrase in a domain name is itself one big ranking factor. But sadly, Google has taken strict notice of this practice which is why EMD’s aren’t as popular as they used to be. Although there is certainly a branding advantage of including a relevant keyword in your domain name, Moreover, in some cases having a good keyword domain can increase one’s chances of Click-Through Rates (CTR’s) and SERP listings.

The guidelines below will help you understand the intricacies involved in selecting the right domain name for your website when developing your brand.
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First and foremost- Make it brief:

A domain name that’s small will be easy to remember as customers viewing your site in a matter of seconds can grasp more information from it. Having long names can look good to an extent but are definitely hard to remember. For instance Google Webs or Wix are small and unforgettable names for a domain and are known for their successful online business.

Should have a positive image

The name you’ve selected for your domain should be lively and must deliver positive vibes. Your domain name is your building doorway and should be appealing, representing your desired image. And if that’s not the case your brand name or the domain name needs to be changed.

Should be unique and authoritative

Avoid using names similar to the names being used by other companies; as such names can cause legal problems. At the very least, consumers may get confused and patronize your competition. Words have implicit meanings and connotations, prior to finalizing a domain name a little research can help to ensure that your domain name perfectly communicates your desired message. So, the domain name that completely reflects the brand image and the information in an authoritative manner will be the right way to select a brand name as consistency in brands, products and domain ID’s help a lot in making a brand memorable! Moreover, your domain name must be easy to spell as users are able to easily recollect your brand/domain name.

Generally speaking, avoid the use of the following when setting up your domain ID:

Numbers should be avoided (either written TWO or the numeric 2)

Confusing and difficult words to spell

Avoid the use of hyphens


The process of choosing a suitable domain name can be quite difficult and time consuming. Organizations with heftier marketing budgets can afford shorter and more appropriate domain names, and can also spend more on SEO and content.

The guidelines listed above can set the parameters in selecting the right domain name to market your brand. However, in the majority of cases the best names for a domain which have a strong brand appeal are already registered and have an absolutely exorbitant price when you look at their price tag. Brainstorming sessions generate many great ideas and can possibly give you an inkling that on what lines you should be working on. It can be like creating new words or merging two (or more) words that you feel can represent your brand in a better way.

A domain name can:

Affect the speed of consumer awareness about your brand, it can influence your market image or play an important role in establishing brand-equity information, and all that’s associated to your brand, but it must distinguish you from your competitors and should be able to describe your brand attributes and characteristics. And to do that you’ve got to specify your marketing objectives and brand promotion strategy.

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