Selecting a Local Tree Care Service

One of the biggest responsibilities of a home owner that is usually taken for granted is tree care. The majority of homes have trees because they include shade and beauty to a property or home but those trees must be taken proper care of for the sake of the basic safety of the home and the safety of the homes nearby. Uncared for and unruly trees can be dangerous, especially when a big storm blows through.

So how does a home owner properly care for their own trees? The simple answer is to use a tree care service. There are a few rules for finding the best tree care program.

ISA Certification

The first step to finding the tree care service is to make sure they are certified by the International Society associated with Arborists. This organization sets regulations that tree services must follow in order to maintain good standing with the ISA. Any tree service that has ISA members on its staff is likely going to be the best choice in the area.


A client should never take the word of a business that they offer a high quality service. Each business should be asked for references and those references should be verified. If a company refuses to offer this basic service, then it is not a business that should be used by anyone. In addition , the tree service should be willing to offer appraisals for that work to be done in writing.
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Someone using a tree service should never agree to a verbal contract because they could soon find themselves being charged far more than originally expected.


Every tree care service must carry insurance to protect their customers from liability. If a worker is wounded on private property and the business does not carry insurance, it becomes the particular financial responsibility of the private property owner to cover the medical costs of the injuries. A company should not just offer up a copy of insurance but ought to provide customers with the name of their insurance company and who at that will company can be contacted to verify the current status of the tree treatment service.

Gut Reaction

If a firm ever sets off the internal sensation within someone that something is off, that stomach feeling should be acknowledged. The human body is made to warn against dangers that might not be consciously perceived and it is always better to be safe not sorry.

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