What Latin Marriage Agencies Do Not Tell You

These days there are many American men trying to start a relationship with Latin women. They usually use the service of a Latin mail order brides agency to go and meet the women in their country. Some Spanish speaking countries where these services are offered are Colombia and Mexico.

If you are one of these men, keep in mind that there are two important things that the Latin brides agencies are not telling you.

Your looks and age do matter
The agencies tell you that your looks, age and race are not important at all to the South American women and that many of the women even prefer older mature men, double their age or more.
This is not completely true. Your age and looks are the first two things that they are going to evaluate. If you do look young, are a good looking man and have some other qualities you can get a younger and more beautiful lady. If you are around 40 and able to date 32 year old women in the US you should have no problem finding an even better looking 21 year old Latin bride.

You need to learn Spanish
Although they tell you that you do not need to know how to speak Spanish, I would recommend learning Spanish before you go look for a Latin woman. That way you will not have to rely on a translator when trying to communicate with your lady.
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You will also be more confident during your stay in the foreign country.

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